Why can’t everything in life be so dam pretty

Why can everything in life be so dam pretty

I look at this tree an its like a dream… I see the beauty but yet it is Fake! I always have been able to see the underlying beauty in ppl that didn’t see it even in themselves.. I just wonder why life has to be so hard for most all the time.. I know things are like 20% physical & 80 % attitude.. I myself always try to keep a positive attitude. But some days, when I’m cold an my body hurts so bad.. It makes me think why is that 20% seem so much more prominent today.. At my age, I just want what I have worked so long an hard for, a somewhat easy life.. Does it ever get easier or just when we die!

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Life in a small town

Life in a small town can be wonderful or not.. A lot is what you make of it.. But then you have those scumbags, like every town an city has that have to ruin it for others an make our town look even worse to ppl that come here for the small town love. I seriously blame most of it on the drugs, an I should state as an X drug user  in my past myself, it isn’t about those that could handle it. Its about the ones that can’t.. This town is about to get one of it’s best back, Robbie Smith, fresh out of prison, going back to living with Mommy.. And not far enough away from me! I always gave this guy the benefit of the doubt. But after mine an my grandsons ( His Son’s ) last experience with him.. I hardly can say.. That I’ll be grateful to see him.. I can appreciate the fact the every child deserves to have their parent or parent’s in their lives.. But it’s sad when they tell a child they have changed but you really have to wonder.. Cuz they are coming back to a town that destroyed them to begin with.. Time will tell but at least this time Fore warned is fore armed..

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Hello world!

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