Life in a small town

Life in a small town can be wonderful or not.. A lot is what you make of it.. But then you have those scumbags, like every town an city has that have to ruin it for others an make our town look even worse to ppl that come here for the small town love. I seriously blame most of it on the drugs, an I should state as an X drug user  in my past myself, it isn’t about those that could handle it. Its about the ones that can’t.. This town is about to get one of it’s best back, Robbie Smith, fresh out of prison, going back to living with Mommy.. And not far enough away from me! I always gave this guy the benefit of the doubt. But after mine an my grandsons ( His Son’s ) last experience with him.. I hardly can say.. That I’ll be grateful to see him.. I can appreciate the fact the every child deserves to have their parent or parent’s in their lives.. But it’s sad when they tell a child they have changed but you really have to wonder.. Cuz they are coming back to a town that destroyed them to begin with.. Time will tell but at least this time Fore warned is fore armed..


About vonnie691

I am the Mother of 4, Biological children an have been a Step Parent to 5 others, with only one being left an still with me.. - Grammy of 2 <3 Married, to an incredible man <3 whom I love with all my heart <3 I work when I can at a local hospital.. I so love my job too an I miss it when I'm not there. I'd love to be a stay at home Mother & Wife, but right now that's not possible..
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2 Responses to Life in a small town

  1. shannon rockwell says:

    How soon does he get out? This will be a huge change in yours and zeekins lives when he does. I hope after prison he really will straighten out for everyones sake.

    • vonnie691 says:

      He’ll be home Dec 11th in like 2 days but rely wont impact anything unless I let it.. I wont be playing games an with him being on Parole, he’s going to have enough to deal with an if he’s stupid enough to go against me.. he will be back in quicker then shit.. I told his mom already I aint fooling around with anything anymore. It isn’t going to be him being at my door everyday an up Zeeks ass… They hardly see him now or take him an it isn’t going to change even if they try to.. I’m lucky if she takes Zeek a weekend a month since I’ve had him, she doesn’t call to talk to him an doesn’t stop much at all to even say Hi. Shes always busy with the other Grandkids.. So Robbie being back isn’t going to change that.. Jesse even said Robbie is not allowed in this house unless he is home.. Thats a normal rule, no men allowed in the house when he isn’t home.. well cept like repair ppl type things. I told Zeek to even though he has his own cell phone now an all he isn’t going to be calling them 100 times a day an or going there everyday.. He has structure an school days are just that.. Cathy asked me the other day if the day Robbie gets home if he can see Zeek… We have stuff to do an to the point , His own doing us what caused him to not be able to see Zeek, him going to prison.. I’m not changing my life to help an X Con..

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