Why can’t everything in life be so dam pretty

Why can everything in life be so dam pretty

I look at this tree an its like a dream… I see the beauty but yet it is Fake! I always have been able to see the underlying beauty in ppl that didn’t see it even in themselves.. I just wonder why life has to be so hard for most all the time.. I know things are like 20% physical & 80 % attitude.. I myself always try to keep a positive attitude. But some days, when I’m cold an my body hurts so bad.. It makes me think why is that 20% seem so much more prominent today.. At my age, I just want what I have worked so long an hard for, a somewhat easy life.. Does it ever get easier or just when we die!


About vonnie691

I am the Mother of 4, Biological children an have been a Step Parent to 5 others, with only one being left an still with me.. - Grammy of 2 <3 Married, to an incredible man <3 whom I love with all my heart <3 I work when I can at a local hospital.. I so love my job too an I miss it when I'm not there. I'd love to be a stay at home Mother & Wife, but right now that's not possible..
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